Test Kits

Dragon Gateway and LL Consultancy are a UK distributor for Spring Health test kits. Spring Health was one of the first companies to produce a rapid test for COVID-19 1gG/ 1gM.
The product is made with CE mark in order to to fulfil highest European standards. Now worldwide our product is being used to screen patients for the corona virus.
The COVID 19/1gM/ 1gM Rapid Test offers:
High Accuracy with more than 92.9%
Fast Results with 10 minutes Assay time.
CE-IVD Certified
ISO 13485:2016
The kits are manufactured in Europe and shipped globally,  the daily capacity is over 1million units.
If you are a government/ big healthcare operation/ retailer or brand wanting to get your employees back to work and your businesses up and running Spring Healthcare test kits and do that.