About Us

Global PPE Solutions was founded by Louise Laing, to support workers and parents with their Back To Work and Back to School plans.

Until recently Louise was the CEO of Shrimps, luxury womenswear brand, where during her tenure, the brand flourished, quadrupling revenue and turning a healthy profit. Since leaving Shrimps in 2019, Louise has successfully launched Thames with Blondey McCoy. Previously, she has held senior positions at Burberry, Reiss and on Savile Row.

During this time of Covid, Louise has been using her twenty years of buying, production, logistics, financing in the fashion industry to meeting the unprecedented demand for PPE. As founding production partner of Mask our Heroes, a charity providing masks for frontline workers in UK, she has seen it deliver much needed PPE to Hospitals, care homes and firefighters as well as appear on Sky News and in the Daily Mail.

She has built an ad hoc team of trusted relationships that have been sourcing, procuring, transporting garments (including technical clothing) from China and Europe for 20 years.

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, LL has reconfigured their supply operation to support our NHS and other health consumer facing outlets with quality products and fair prices to help to meet the challenges we all face at this time.We tend to work with suppliers that we have dealt with for many years to ensure successful delivery.

We have established supply chains in all PPE categories and all our factories we use are CE and/or FDA certified.
The factories we use produce millions of units per day and therefore through consolidation large quantities of 20-250mn or more can be fulfilled within days.